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Þæs ofereode (the Þ character represents 'TH') is from the refrain of the poem Deor in the Codex Exoniensis; the full phrase is "Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg" and means "as that passed over, so could this".

The title has another meaning, too; I've had a bunch of different websites with free providers, employers and so forth and each has either gone the way of the dodo or had other problems. This space is an attempt to aggregate and provide permanent homes for all of the earlier content; however its title is testament to the faith I have in remembering to keep it up to date.

There is much source code on this site and little in the way of legalese. That's because I'm generally bad at remembering to apply boilerplate, and also that I do not approve of bloating source files with meaningless nonsense. Even if you are writing LISP. So assume that unless otherwise indicated, source here is available for distribution under the terms of the modified BSD licence (this bit used to say the APSL v2.0, but it was pointed out to me that only Apple are capable of using that licence in its unmodified form. I'm not a lawyer, and all that). Just s/OWNER/Graham J Lee/, s/YEAR/2006/ and s/the ORGANIZATION/Graham J Lee/.

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